Name to Face Activity
  • 02 Dec 2023
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Name to Face Activity

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Do spot checks, nap checks, diaper checks, and more

Name to Face will allow you to regularly check on the students in your care.

Staff can use Name to Face for situations like:

  • Tracking whether all of your students are together during a drill or field trip,
  • Doing a Nap or Diaper Check for infants,
  • Taking attendance in the classroom after students have arrived (especially if parents drop off away from the classroom),
  • General spot checks, and more.

Here's How it Works

From the app, click on Activity and select "Name to Face."


Select the child / children you want to record the activity for, then fill out the details.

Select your "Check Type" from the drop-down menu. Your options are: Spot Check, Nap Check, Diaper Check, and Other.

Put any additional details in the description field, and take a picture or adjust the time if necessary.

These activities will always be Staff Only by default. They will NOT be sent out to parents.

Once you have recorded the activity, you can go back to the Name to Face student selection screen to see the last time a particular student had a Name to Face recorded for them.

From the website under Parent Connection>Daily Activity, you'll be able to view, edit, and delete your Name to Face activities.

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