Print Sign-In/Out Sheet
  • 06 Dec 2023
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Print Sign-In/Out Sheet

Article summary

Print a blank sign-in/out sheet for times when a computer or tablet is not available.

There are several scenarios in which this report can be utilized.

  • Take attendance outside during a fire drill
  • Print and take this report off-site on a field trip
  • Use this sign-in/out sheet during a power outage

Follow the steps below to print the Sign-In/Out Sheet

Navigate to the Student Sign-In > Attendance screen.


Click the More Actions icon in the top right corner, then select Print Sign-In Sheet.


Choose Daily or Weekly, then select the date/date range you wish to print the sheet for and click Submit.


The blank sign-in sheet will display in PDF form. The following information can be found on this report:

  • School name, address, and phone number
  • Classroom name and date (each class will be on a separate sheet)
  • Students in each class will be listed alphabetically by first name
  • Blank fields for Sign-In and Sign-Out Times
  • Parent signature fields for sign-in and sign-out


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