Procare Online Launch Guide
  • 18 Mar 2024
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Procare Online Launch Guide

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Get Started!

  1. Register for our live Procare Online webinars: Getting Started with Procare Online and Attendance, Daily Activities and Communications. We also have a recorded version, if that is better for you; if you scroll down on the linked page, you can view recordings of both webinars.
  2. Schedule your meetings with your Implementation Specialist using their calendar links in your Welcome Email.
    • Please keep in mind that you must first attend the training webinars and start completing the Launch Guide steps listed below prior to your meeting with your Implementation Specialist.
    • If needed, you can reschedule your Implementation meeting using the “reschedule” link in the confirmation email.
  3. Log into the Procare Online website using the login credentials in your Welcome Email.
  4. Change your password by clicking the silhouette in the upper right corner of the website and selecting "edit profile.”
  5. Make sure that you have devices available to your staff that are compatible with the Procare Online App.
  6. Install the Procare App on your device(s). For the iOS/Apple devices, download the app from the Apple Store. For Android devices, download the app from the Google Play Store.
  7. Log into the Procare App on your device using the same login credentials as the website.

Enter in Your Rooms and Families

  1. First, add classrooms to your center.
  2. Manually enter in students.
  3. Manually enter in parents/guardians.
  4. If you have lots of families already enrolled, you may want to use our Bulk Upload option to enter in multiple families at once.
  5. Create an online registration form for families to register with you online.
  6. If you want to use our Leads feature to manage and communicate with potential students’ families, please make sure to review our Leads/New Enrollment Center for our bank of how-to articles and important information.

Set Up Your Billing

  1. Review our transaction types.
  2. Learn how to create, edit, and cancel invoices.
  3. Learn how to receive payments manually.
  4. For split families, make sure to enable multifamily billing, bill these families separately, and generate separate invoices for them.
  5. If you have subsidies that you would like to track, create each subsidy/agency account ledger and start tracking them in Procare.
  6. Set up your billing plans to bill families automatically on a recurring schedule.
  7. If you will be accepting online payments, review how parents can make online payments through the website or via the mobile app.
  8. Look for a call and email from your Implementation Specialist. You will need to schedule an appointment to set up and learn how to use Billing and Payments in Procare Online.

Enter in Your Staff Members, Set Their Roles & Permissions, Assign Them to Rooms, and Invite Them

  1. Enter in your staff members.
  2. Update your staff members’ role (admin or non-admin) and permissions in the Procare Online website.
  3. Update your staff member’s room assignments. Staff can view all students and classrooms in the center, but they can only message parents of students who are assigned to the same room that they are. For administrators, room assignment dictates your notifications of parent messages. Make sure to assign yourself to all rooms that you want to receive notifications for.
  4. You can invite your staff to create their accounts by navigating to the Procare Online website, going to Staff Management > Staff on the left sidebar menu, and by then clicking on "Invite" next to each staff member's name. They will only have the "invite" option when their email addresses have been added to their profiles, so please be sure those are entered in and are accurate.
  • Once you click Invite on the staff profile, they will receive an email with instructions on how to create their accounts at your center.
  1. A staff member who is also a parent can have access to a school and their child's profile under one account. Make sure they have the same email listed for both their staff and their parent profile. Invite one account (usually the staff account first), and once they have signed up, go ahead and invite the other account. This will link the two profiles together.
  2. You may want staff to clock in using their Kiosk PINs or the staff contactless clock-in method. Please ask your Implementation Specialist or Customer Support if you want your staff to be able to clock in and out using their Kiosk PINs on any device; otherwise, they will only be able to clock in and out using their Kiosk PINs on a device logged in on by an admin account. You can view and edit staff timecards and generate reports on the website.

Train Your Staff

Learn How to Log Daily Activities & Message Families

  1. Review the Daily Activity options in the app. Practice with a “Test” student (Sarah Test, Mark Test, and Julia Test)!
  2. For infant classrooms, you may want to consider enabling the Activities Dashboard so that your staff can quickly view and log each infant’s bottle, diaper, and nap activities within the Procare App.
  3. Review the various way of sending and receiving messages through the app or website. Practice with a “Test” student!
  4. Let your Implementation Specialist know if you want to set messages or any daily activities to “Staff Only,” which means that only staff can view the activity until an admin approves it. This way, you or another admin at your center can review the message or activity prior to parents seeing them and receiving a notification. You can always change your mind later! (Important Note: Observation Activities and Name to Face are always Staff Only and cannot be shared with parents.)

Choose How to Log Child Attendance

Invite Parents

  1. You may want to let your families know ahead of time that you are going to start using Procare Online and that you are going to send an invite email to them with instructions on how to create an account with Procare Online. We have a Sample Letter you can customize and send to your parents via email.
  2. Once you are ready, you can invite parents on the My School > Students page. Click the ellipsis (...) in the upper right of the website to choose "Send Parent Invite." Select the parents to invite individually, click the "Show students whose parents are not invited," or click "Select All."
  • Once you send out the invites, they will receive an email with instructions on how to create their accounts at your center.
  1. Check to see which parents have signed up and which ones still need to do so.
  2. You can always re-invite parents as many times as you like by clicking on the blue “Re-Invite” text at the top of the My School > Students page in the Procare Online website. This only sends an invite email to parents who have not yet signed up.
  3. Feel free to share some of our parent help articles with your families. There are even more available in the Parent Help Article collection of our Help Center.

Explore the Many Features of the App!

There are many other features to Procare Online! If you complete the Launch Guide steps above and are curious about Programs & Insights, Staff Scheduling, Staff Messaging, creating Lesson Plans, sharing Lesson Plans, Assessments, Newsletters, sharing events on the Calendar, Meal Plans, or the Documents feature, please review the information provided in the link and reach out to your Implementation Specialist with any questions. Our Help Center is a great way to learn more about these features as well, and it is available by clicking on your silhouette profile icon in the top right corner of the Procare Online website and selecting Help Center.

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