Professional Development for Early Learning Teachers
  • 17 Oct 2023
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Professional Development for Early Learning Teachers

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Procare customers can continue to grow and develop expertise through professional development opportunities.

Learning Beyond’s Professional Development sessions are based on best practices in early learning. The mission of Learning Beyond is to build capacity in every teacher, which in turn will provide high-quality early learning opportunities for each child.

For children to reach their fullest potential, they must be supported by teachers that have the skill set and tools necessary to meet the needs of every child in their care. Training offered by Learning Beyond will build capacity in each teacher and will help increase and sustain CLASS® scores.

All participants will receive In-Service Hours and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) opportunities through Bertelsen Education (BE). Bertelsen Education is internationally accredited through IACET and offers practical and engaging online training with CEUs nationwide. Their emphasis on innovation, collaboration, and family focus positions them to support families and childcare providers.

Professional Development:

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