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  • 29 Jan 2024
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/Out & Attendance

Article Summary

Allow the system to automatically sign children out

If a child is not signed out at the end of the day, they can now be automatically signed out by the system.

To set up automatic sign-out, contact Support with the following details:

  • The time the children should be auto signed out
  • The staff member whose name should appear next to the auto signed out children

Once Support has completed the setup, you can determine which children were auto signed out based on the time provided to support. In the example below, the auto sign-out time is set to 6:00 pm and by staff member "Admin". The first 4 children were auto signed out and the last 3 were manually signed out.

Image showing directions in article

Please Note: There will not be a daily summary or parent alert for auto signed out children. Also, the children will be signed out overnight, not at the designated time.

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