Staff Kiosk Forms
  • 06 Dec 2023
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Staff Kiosk Forms

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Learn how to create and enable your staff kiosk form

With our staff kiosk forms, you can ask your staff members up to 5 questions upon check-in or check-out.

Please Note: Displaying the Kiosk Form during staff check-in via the Procare app will require app version 4.7.

How to Create a Staff Kiosk Form

Navigate to the School Settings > Settings screen. Locate the Staff Kiosk Form section and click Setup Form.


Create your Staff Kiosk Form by completing the popup, then click Enable Form.

  • Enter the question that will display for your staff.
  • Enter the answers for staff to choose from in the multiple choice answers section. Use the blue + button to add more options. To allow your staff to choose multiple answers, select the "Allow staff to select multiple answers" option.
  • Choose whether your form should be displayed at check-in or check-out, then select the times.


You will be directed back to the General Settings page and your Staff Kiosk Form should now say "Enabled" in green.


Viewing Kiosk Responses

To view the staff kiosk responses, navigate to the Staff Timecard screen. Locate and click the yellow icon in the right column of the staff list.


The Kiosk Questions popup will display with the questions and staff answers.


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