Subsidy Accounting Overview
  • 29 Jan 2024
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Subsidy Accounting Overview

Article Summary

Quick overview of the Subsidy Accounting feature

Procare Online offers subsidy/agency billing capabilities. This includes the opportunity to set up recurring or one-time invoices, and the ability to see the amount associated with each subsidy overall, per child, or by specific line item.

Set up recurring plans to track subsidy invoices; once complete, each time a recurring invoice bills out, the associated value will be added to the subsidy’s ledger automatically.

If you wish to separate the parent copay and subsidy coverage, you will need to setup two plans.

The Subsidy Account screen allows you to create new subsidy accounts, view the amounts invoiced, amounts received, and the current balance owed by each subsidy.

Additional Information

The parent copay and subsidy coverage amounts do not add up to the full tuition, how should I account for this variance?

When setting up the tuition plans, additional discount lines can be used to write-off the difference in value between what is invoiced to parents and/or subsidy coverage.

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