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  • 31 May 2024
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What's New

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Learn about our latest features and enhancements for Procare SchoolCare Works.

Accessibility Updates

Procare has been collaborating with accessibility expert BlindIt to obtain VPAT certification for Procare Schoolcare Works. We believe that everyone should benefit from our platforms' functionalities, regardless of their unique needs or abilities. This partnership underscores our commitment to making our software accessible to all users.

Our team has been diligently enhancing the accessibility features to ensure they meet the criteria outlined in WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines. This includes improvements in navigation, keyboard accessibility, screen reader compatibility and more.

Child Attendance Detail with Transfers - Excel

The new Child Attendance Detail with Transfers report displays attendance for all active child, including transfers between classrooms. The details of this report match the data available on the Attendance > Timeline screen. Learn more.

New Login Pages

Enhanced the login pages for the Provider and Connect portals to improve login security and user experience, while also updating to Procare branding.


Bank Account Activity Report (BAR)

Users are now able to pull the Tuition Express Bank Account Activity Report from Procare SchoolCare Works without navigating to TuitionExpress.com. This report can be found under Reports > Financial.

Child Attendance Detail (version 2) - PDF

The Child Attendance Detail - PDF report will include all active children and their check-in/out times for a specified date range and allows for a parent signature. Learn more.

Example: Child Attendance Detail (version 2) - PDF

Mandated 2-Step Verification

Business and center level admins have the ability to require 2-Step Verification for all staff using the Provider Portal, all families using the Connect Portal, or both. If a business level requires 2-Step Verification for staff and/or families, then it will be required at all center levels. If it is not required at the business level, then each center can choose to require 2-Step Verification.

If 2-Step Verification is required for staff and/or families, they will have 3 opportunities to set up at least one verified method when they log in. They can choose to ignore this message and continue to use the software, but after the third time, they will be required to set up at least one verified method or they will be forced to log out. Staff with the correct permissions can reset 2-Step Verification for staff and/or parents.

See: 2-Step Verification Overview under the Requiring 2-Step Verification section.

Pre-Bill (Defined) Report

Created a Pre-Bill (Defined) report to allow Defined Billing customers to review billing information before the next billing cycle. Program/Room Assignment rates, overrides and discounts will be included in the calculation to determine what the parent will owe.

Auto-Expiring Passwords

New settings have been added under the Setup > System Config > Extended Configuration screen for auto-expiring passwords. These settings allow admins to determine if and when Provider and Parent portal user passwords should expire.

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