Child Batch Post Time Card
  • 20 Dec 2023
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Child Batch Post Time Card

Article summary

Use the Batch Post Time Card feature to check children both IN and OUT for the day. This is helpful for things like field trips or when manually entering hours based on children’s schedules or a sign in sheet.

Getting There

From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting click Functions > Attendance Tracking > Batch Post Time Card.

Using Batch Post Time Card

  1. Include children Enrolled As Of the date you specify.

  2. Choose whether to use the child’s Primary Classroom or their class based on Schedule.

  3. Choose to include All Classrooms or one particular class.

  4. Select the Date, Time In and Time Out.
    Note: Time in and out will not be displayed when the option to base time on schedules is selected. In that case the scheduled times will be used automatically.

  5. Click Next to display all children who meet your criteria and are eligible for this procedure.
    Note: To be eligible a child must be Enrolled as of the specified date and be assigned to the selected classroom as their Primary or Scheduled class.

  6. Select the children to include. Place a check in the column header to select them all.

  7. Make any necessary changes to the Time In and Time Out for individual children.

  8. Click Process > Exit.

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