Employee Batch Check In or Out
  • 07 Dec 2023
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Employee Batch Check In or Out

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Use the Batch Check In/Out feature to check selected groups of employees in or out, such as those who arrive or depart at the same time. You’ll also use this feature at the end of each day to check out anyone who forgot to check out.

Getting There

From the main screen of Employee Data & Payroll click Functions > Batch Check In / Out.

Before You Begin

Although you may use the Batch Check In feature without tying it to Employee Tracking, you may want to set up Employee Tracking Categories and Assign Tracking to each employee ahead of time. This is useful if certain groups of employees work the same shifts; you may check them in or out together.

Using Batch Check In

  1. Choose what you want to do (check in or out) from the Batch Type list (top left).


  1. Select the date and time. Hint: Use the spacebar (on your keyboard) to move between hours, minutes and AM/PM.
  2. Place a check next to the Employee Tracking Items you wish to include, such as “Morning Shift”. If you select more than one item, employees with any of the selected items will be included.
    Include All Employees: To include all eligible employees (regardless of their tracking) don’t select any Tracking Items. This is appropriate for the end of the day when you want to check out anyone who is still checked in.
    Checking In: Choose whether employees should be checked into their Scheduled Work Area (for this day and time) or the same work area as their Previous Time Card Entry (lower left), for example if you’re not using the Employee Schedule feature.


  1. Click Refresh List (bottom left) to display all employees who meet your criteria and are eligible for this procedure.


Note: To be eligible an employee must have a Work Status of Currently Employed and have the appropriate check in / out state on their Time Card. For example, when checking staff in, only those who are currently checked OUT would be eligible.

  1. With the employee names displayed (right side) select the people to include. Place a check in the column header to select them all.
    Filter by Pay Code or Work Area: You may process just one Pay Code or Work Area at a time, by filtering the list. Click the small funnel in the upper right corner of the header and select the Pay Code or Work Area you want. You may filter by both at the same time, for example only Teachers in the Toddler Room.


Note: You may print the selected employees (before processing) by clicking the Report button at the bottom.

  1. Click Process, then Exit.
    Note: Employees without a Pay Code or Work Area cannot be selected.

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