Log Sheet
  • 05 Dec 2023
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Log Sheet

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The Log Sheet is a place to record notes regarding a each child, account, employee or vendor. Logs are categorized into types like Progress Report, Injury Incident, etc.

Before You Begin

You may wish to Create New Log Types to help categorize your notes, such as “Intake Interview”, “Progress Report”, etc.

Getting There

  1. Look Up a Family/Child, Employee or Vendor.
  2. Click the Log Sheets icon (looks like a lab book) on the toolbar of the account, child, employee or vendor.

Make a New Log Note

  1. Click New.

  2. Choose the Log Type (like Progress Report, Injury Incident, etc.) from the drop down list (at the top) and then type the content of the note. Mark the note as Restricted if you want more control over who may view it.
    Optional: If the log is not marked Restricted, you may mark the Show in MyProcare box (top right) to allow parents to see this log note online (available to Procare Cloud customers only).
    Note: To prevent staff from viewing restricted log notes use Group Limit numbers, and

  3. Click Save > Exit.

View or Edit an Existing Log Note

  1. At the Log Sheet screen dbl-click the log note to open it for review or editing.
  2. After making a change click Save > Exit.
  1. Use the Report button (on the Log Sheet screen) to print all logs displayed on the screen for that child, account, employee or vendor.

  2. Optional: To include only certain types of logs click the tiny filter (funnel) icon in the top right of the Comment Type heading.

    1. Choose a particular log type, such as financial/billing, etc.

    2. Or, select Custom and…

    3. …choose the types to include.

  3. Optional: To include only certain dates click the tiny filter (funnel) icon in the top right of the Last Modified heading.

    1. Choose a single date by clicking on it.
    2. Or, to select a date range, click the start date and drag to the end date. You may select any dates shown on screen (up to slightly over a month).

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