Look Up or Search for Employee
  • 19 Dec 2023
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Look Up or Search for Employee

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Once your basic employee information has been entered you’ll want to know how to look up or search for a particular person.

Look Up an Employee

The easiest way to look up an employee is to use the list of Employees on the left side of the screen. Staff members are listed alphabetically by last name (see hint).

  1. Type the first few letters of their last name in the Name Filter box (upper left) just above the list of employees.
  2. Click once to select the employee you wish to work on or dbl-click their name to open the Employee Information & Relationships screen.

Hint: Employees are sorted alphabetically. Change to reverse alphabetical order by clicking the Name heading at the top of the list.

Search for a Person at this Location

  1. Click the Search button (binoculars) on the toolbar.
  2. Choose the type of thing you want to find (employee name, address or phone).
  3. Type in the item for which you are searching (the person’s name, address or phone) and click Find.
  4. Dbl-click the person’s name in the Results to go to their screen.

Search all Locations, Filter Employees

If you have multiple locations you may wish to Search All Locations at once. Another handy feature is the ability to Filter Employees so only certain families are displayed on screen.

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