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  • 21 Feb 2024
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What's New

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Learn about our latest features and enhancements for Procare Online.

One-Time Debit/Credit Card Payments

One-time payments are now accepted. This allows you to manually enter payment details for individual debit or credit card transactions.

See: Receive Payments: Credit or Debit Card for more information.

Staff Messaging Updates

To ensure your team receives important messages, Procare now allows you to send messages as emergency SMS text alerts to staff. Staff can now receive communication from in-app messages, emails and text messages.

See Staff to Staff Messaging for more information.

In-App Progress Ratings & Sharing Observations with Parents

When tracking observations through the Procare Child Care Mobile app, teachers can now assign progress ratings towards milestones and assessments at the same time. This will save your teachers time and streamline their workflows so it's easier for them to stay on top of their assessments and portfolios.

In addition to milestone tracking, observation activities can now be shared with parents without sharing the entire student portfolio. When sharing observations with parents, staff has the option to obtain admin approval before sending to parents by selecting the "Staff Only - Requires Admin Approval for Parents" option on Observation activities. This feature can be added by going to your School Settings screen and locating the 'Allow Staff to Share Observations with Parents' setting.

Please Note: To make Observation activities require admin approval by default, please contact our Support Team.

See: Observation Activities for more information.

Bulk Activity Management

Save time with our new activity enhancements! When a Daily Activity is recorded for multiple children, you can now approve the activity for all children with just one click. You also have the freedom to edit or delete activities for multiple children or individually.
For admins, your Daily Activity feed will now be organized by uniquely created activities rather than the individual activity card per student.


See: Creating or Editing Daily Activities for more information.

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