Staff Scheduling
  • 27 Jan 2024
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Staff Scheduling

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Keep track of your staffing needs and assignments via Staff Scheduling

Staff Schedules provide the ability to manage staff scheduling within Procare, including:

  • Schedule creation
  • Assign schedules to staff members
  • Staff schedule updates/changes
  • Print or share schedule as PDF

When navigating to Staff > Schedule, the current week will display with the dates in the top row and staff members listed in the first column. Along with the staff member's name, the total scheduled hours will display below.

Search/Filter Options

Use the Search field to search by staff name or use the filter icon to filter staff by Room. Important: When filtering by Room, only staff members assigned to the selected room will display (this can be updated on the Staff Management > Staff screen in each staff profile).

Updating Staff Scheduling Permissions

On a Staff Profile, under Role and Permissions, locate the Staff Scheduling permission and set each staff member to the correct permission:

  • No Access – staff will not be able to see the schedule.
  • Read – Staff can only view the schedule.
  • Full Access – allows staff to edit the schedule.

Creating a Schedule

Create a new schedule every week or use the copy schedule option to use the same schedule for future weeks (see Copy Shift below).

  1. Click Add Shift in the top right corner or hover your mouse where you wish to add a shift and click in the blue (see screenshot).
  2. Complete the popup and click Add Shift.
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    a. Shift Name (optional) – enter the name of the shift.
    b. Click the blue square to select a color to display on the shift (optional). This option allows you to assign a color to different shift types (morning vs. afternoon, different rooms, etc.) and makes it easier to differentiate the shifts when viewing the whole schedule.
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    c. Date (required) – choose the date of the shift.
    d. Start/End Time (required) – enter the start and end times of the shift.
    e. Assigned To (optional) – use the drop-down to select a staff member to assign the shift to. Important: Leaving this blank will place the shift in the ‘Unassigned’ section at the bottom of the screen.

Copy, Edit or Delete a Shift

1.Click the shift you wish to modify and click the More Actions icon in the top right corner.
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a. Copy – Use this option to assign the same shift to a different staff member, assign the shift to the same staff member on a different day, etc.
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b. Edit – use this option to edit the existing shift.
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c. Delete – delete the selected shift.

Assign Multiple Shifts per Day

Multiple shifts can be added per day for the same staff member. Once a shift is assigned, click Add Shift or hover your mouse below the existing shift and click in the blue. Below is an example of a staff member with two shifts on the same day:

Overlapping Shifts Alert

If there are multiple shifts for one staff member on the same day that overlap, the system will display the following icon:

Once a schedule has been created, you can print or open as a PDF. To open as a PDF, click the More Actions icon in the top right corner, then select Print Schedule.

The schedule will open as a PDF for the selected week.

Copy Week Schedule

The Copy Week Schedule option allows you to use a full week's schedule as a template and copy to future weeks. Click the More Actions icon in the top right corner, then select Copy Week Schedule.

On the Copy Week Schedule popup, select the weeks you wish to copy the schedule from and where you want to add it to. Then click Submit.

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