Assigning Rooms to Staff
  • 27 Jan 2024
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Assigning Rooms to Staff

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How to assign or change default rooms for staff/teachers

Assigning rooms to staff members help control parent/staff messaging, push notifications during child check-in, and help make the staff clock-in process easier.

When the staff member signs in via the parent kiosk, they will sign directly into their assigned room; however, staff will also have the ability to sign into a different room.

Assigning a Room to a Staff Member

Primary and Additional room assignments will determine which push notifications admins and non-admin staff receive. To allow staff to receive messages, the "Parent/Staff Messaging" permission must be set to Full Access.

For Admins

Assign primary/additional room assignments to determine which push notifications are received for parent messages. Admins will maintain access to all rooms for parent messaging.

For Non-Admins

Non-admin staff will be limited to see parent messages only for their primary and additional room assignments. If they are not assigned a room, they will not see messages from those parents.

  • Navigate to Staff Management > Staff, then select the staff member
  • Locate the “Room” section within the profile. The room with the pink book icon is the current primary room assigned. The room(s) below that are the secondary room assignments.
  • To edit these assignments, click the pencil icon next to the primary room name
  • On the Edit Room Assignment popup:
    • Primary rooms display with a pink book icon. Choose a primary by hovering over the room name and clicking the book icon.
    • Secondary rooms are selected with a blue checkmark. Select/deselect secondary rooms by using the checkmark to the left of each. Then click Save Changes.

Please Note: The Primary Room is the room assignment and the app will default to that room for Staff Check-In and on their app. The secondary rooms give permission to see messages from parents of children in that room.

Additional Information

  • When a staff member shows "Not Assigned" under the Rooms section, they have not been assigned a primary or secondary classroom.
  • If a staff member's profile displays "All Rooms", this simply means all rooms have been selected as secondary.

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