Staff/Employee Clock In-Out
  • 26 Jan 2024
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Staff/Employee Clock In-Out

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Track staff clock in-outs; transfer to another room

When you add staff to your account, they will be able to clock in and out with a 4-digit PIN. Be sure to communicate their clock-in PIN, as they will not be able to view the Staff screen without admin access.

How it Works

On the Parent Kiosk screen of the app, a staff member can enter their PIN to check in.

This is the same screen where parents enter their PIN while using the PIN-based Sign In-Out option on the app. Please be aware that in order for a staff member to use the PIN-based check-in, an admin must first log into the device.
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Important: To allow your staff to clock in from any device, please contact our customer support to turn on this option. Once this option is turned on, all of your staff will be able to check in from their own devices.

​Steps for Checking In-Out, and Transferring to another Room

After a staff member enters their PIN, they will see the check-in screen, which by default selects their assigned room. If the staff member has no default room or needs to check in to a different room, they have the option to select a room before checking in.

To check-out or transfer, the staff member will simply re-enter their pin in the Sign-In Kiosk.

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