Credit Card Refunds: Full POS Amount
  • 21 Dec 2023
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Credit Card Refunds: Full POS Amount

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There may be times when you’ll want to refund a Point of Sale credit card payment. This would be appropriate if you had processed a point of sale payment and later determined the amount to be incorrect. Using the method described here, point of sale refunds must be made for the exact amount of the original transaction.
Note: Beginning with version 10.2.4561, an alternate procedure allows you to choose the amount.

Check Your Procare Version

IMPORTANT: If your version of Procare is 10.2.4561 or higher AND you have the actual credit card available to swipe through your card reader, follow the process in the related article Credit Card Refund: Choose Amount

Process a Point of Sale Refund

Please note processing fees apply to refunds.

1. Select Item to be Refunded at
a. Log on to your account at
b. Click the Point of Sale (POS) Transaction button (on the left hand dashboard). A list of all eligible transactions will appear.
c. Select the transaction you wish to refund then click the Refund link. You’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to refund this item.

2. Reverse Original Payment
a. Look Up the family for whom the refund was issued.
b. Click the Ledger Card icon on the account toolbar (looks like a ledger sheet, next to the money bag).
c. Select the Description called Credit Card Refund. You may need to add “Credit Card Refund” to your list of Payment Descriptions first. Payment Descriptions are part of Charge/Credit Descriptions in System Configuration.
d. Enter a brief Comment to explain the reason for the refund.
e. Enter the amount of the refund as a NEGATIVE number to REVERSE the original payment. If the refund were for 250.00 it would be entered as -250.00.
f. Click Post & Exit. The Balance due will increase by the amount of the refund.
g. You’ll also want to close a Deposit Report which includes the refunded item only.
Note: Depending on the reason for the refund it may be necessary to Void and repost other ledger card entries, for example if there had been an incorrect amount charged for tuition.

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