Getting to Know Your Procare App
  • 18 Mar 2024
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Getting to Know Your Procare App

Article Summary

Learn how to use the Procare app

Once you have signed up for the Procare app, use this article to become familiar with the app and its features.

Home Screen Options

Here is an overview of the home screen of your Procare app.


When clicking the menu icon in the top left corner of the app, you will be presented with the following options:

  • Edit Profile - add your picture, add or edit your mobile phone number (if enabled by the school), view your sign-in/out PIN and manage your email/push notifications.
  • Children - this option will take you back to the Activity Feed/home screen.
  • Make Payment - if enabled by your school, use this option to make payments.
  • View Transactions - view your current balance, invoices, pull statements for specific date ranges, and pull tax statements.
  • Add Your Child - use this option to add additional children to your app. Please Note: you must have a 10-digit code from the school to add children.
  • Switch School - if you have children at multiple schools, use this option to switch between each school.
  • Switch to Staff - this option is used only for staff members with parent accounts.

/Out Icon

Click the Sign-In/Out icon to view all sign-in/out options enabled by your school. The available options are QR Code Sign-in or Contactless Curbside (GPS) Sign-In/Out.


Calendar Icon

The Calendar allows you to view events added by your child's school. Click "Add to Device Calendar" to add it to your calendar on your mobile device. Once added, "Added to Calendar" will display, click again to remove it from your calendar.
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Chat Bubble/Message Icon

View and send messages to your child's teacher from your mobile device!



The Activity feed is updated in real time and organized by the latest activity on top. Use the Filter icon to filter by activity type and/or date range.

Please Note: Each school selects which activities to share with parents. Please contact your child's school with any questions.



There may be times when an admin sends you an eDocument request to sign or complete a form. Click the Documents icon to view requests and completed documents.


If you need to update personal information, such as add your child's medication, update an address or add additional authorized pickups, you can update this information via the Procare Parent app or website. Please Note: If the fields are read-only, your school/center does not have this feature enabled, please contact them to make changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use this section to find commonly asked questions. If you are unable to find an answer, please contact your child's school for further assistance.
Q: How do I enable push notifications?
A: Click the Menu icon, then select Edit Profile. Scroll to the Push Notifications and Email Notifications sections to choose your options.

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Q: How to I add my signature to a document?
A: There are built-in editing features located on the document toolbar.

Q: Where can I find my PIN to sign my child in/out?
A: You can find your PIN in two locations within the app: 1. In the Menu > Edit Profile screen under Sign-In-Out PIN, or 2. Click the Sign-In/Out Icon from the home screen and your PIN is displayed under "Your Kiosk PIN:".

Q: How do I switch to another school within the app to view other children at other schools?
A: There are two ways to do this, 1. Click the center name on the home screen/Activity Feed, or 2. Click the Menu icon, then select Switch School. Choose the school you wish to view, then click Switch.

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