Sign In-Out Options
  • 29 Jan 2024
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Sign In-Out Options

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Learn about each sign-in/sign-out option within Procare

Procare offers a range of solutions to help your program streamline attendance tracking.

To further understand each of the attendance options Procare offers and to help decide which fits your program best, please visit the help articles below.

QR Codes

Allow parents to sign their children in and out while only touching their personal devices using QR codes. Your school's unique QR code can be accessed in several ways:

  • On your computer using the QR Kiosk found in School Settings
  • Print the QR code
  • On the parent kiosk

Curbside Contactless (GPS) Sign-In/Out

You can reduce unnecessary foot traffic within your school by using GPS location to track attendance and allow parents to sign their children in and out from their mobile device.

Parent Kiosk

The Procare app provides two options for parent sign in-out via the Parent Kiosk:

  • Sign in/out using a unique 4-digit parent PIN. This PIN is assigned automatically when the parent is added to the system.
  • Sign in/out without a parent PIN by locating their child's picture and using the digital signature feature.

Check In/Out by Staff

Staff can quickly sign students in and out using the attendance feature within the Procare app. Staff also has the ability to transfer student into different rooms, such as before or after school care.

Attendance Reports

There are multiple attendance reports to assist you in

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