Staff Timecard
  • 27 Jan 2024
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Staff Timecard

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Track staff attendance using the Staff Timecard feature

Track your staff’s hours using our Staff Timecard feature. Once staff has been added into the system, they can clock in and out via the Parent Kiosk screen on the app.

Please Note: To ensure Procare records the correct clock in and out times, confirm your time zone is set correctly in your school profile.

Clocking In/Out Via the Parent Kiosk

Please Note: To enable clock-in/out for staff via the Parent Kiosk, an admin must be logged in.

  1. On the app, click Sign-In at the bottom. Then select Parent Kiosk
  2. Click the Keypad icon in the top right corner to access the pin pad
  3. Enter staff PIN (PIN can be found here: My School > Staff > Staff Profile > Clock In-Out PIN).
  4. From this screen, the staff can clock in/out or transfer to a different room (if clocked in). To transfer, click the Transfer to different room toggle, then select the room from the drop-down. Then click Transfer.
  5. When the clock-in/out or transfer was successful, a message will appear in green.

Clocking In/Out via the Web

As an admin or with the correct permissions (see below), you can clock in/out and add, edit, or delete other staff's time via the web.

  1. Log into Procare Online and navigate to Staff Management > Timecard, then click 'Create Clock-In'.
  2. Complete the Create Clock-In popup and click Save Changes.
  3. The new attendance entry will be added to the table on the Timecard screen. The table on this screen includes the following information:
    a. Name of staff member
    b. The room the staff member was clocked into
    c. The clock-in and clock-out times
    d. Total hours clocked-in
  4. To view monthly, weekly, or biweekly attendance, click Monthly at the top. Then select the viewing option and date/date range.
  5. Select the staff member you wish to view.
  6. All attendance details for the selected date(s) will display in a table. Click the More Actions icon in the right column to Edit or Delete a clock-in/out.


Staff Setup

If you want your staff to have access to Staff Timecard, follow the instructions below. Please Note: This provides access to view, add, and edit other staff member's time.

  1. Navigate to Staff Management > Staff and select the staff member you wish to edit.
  2. Click the pencil icon to the right of the Role & Permissions field.
  3. Ensure the Staff Timecard option is set to Full Access and click Save Changes.
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    4.The selected staff member will now have access to view and edit all staff time entries.

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